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What our clients say about us

Prof. M.L. Sharma, Department of Earthquake Engineering, IIT Roorkee

It is certified that we have worked with M/s KKINET SOLUTIONS for the last one and half years. M/s KKINET SOLUTIONS with Mr. Soumen Karmakar as their representative has worked for the WEB site development for the 14th Symposium on Earthquake Engineering, Department of Earthquake Engineering, lIT Roorkee which will also showcase the departmental activities in future. It was a pleasure to work with a firm, especially with Mr Soumen, which not only understands and accommodates customer requests, but also adds value to them through innovative applications and ideas. The ideas, responsiveness, and implementation have been far beyond industries norms and even my expectations.

I wish KKINET SOLUTIONS a very bright future.

Dr. Conrad Lindholm, NORSAR

Over the past 2 years we have in three different projects used the expertise and competence of Soumen Karmakar in Roorkee: first through our cooperation with IIT, Roorkee, and later for projects that we have with Pakistan and with countries in Central Asia. For these three projects we have received all required assistance to crate project home pages. In addition Soumen Karmakar has assisted in creating a homepage for NORSAR Engineering.

Following these experiences it is a pleasure to recommend Soumen Karmakar. The communication has been through email, and he has always reacted promptly and adequate and helpful through the many iterations from the initial ideas to the finally approved homepage.

I look forward to contact Soumen Karmakar again when such assistance is needed, and I am pleased to recommend him to other customers. I also recognize that he has served his company (KKINET) in the most diligent way.

Brig. A K Verma, Commandant, M H Dehradun

M/s KKINET Solutions has developed DIMS (Drug Inventory Management System), software application for managing drug issue, and implemented it in our hospital.

The software is very user-friendly, saves time and reduced our work load. We are extremely satisfied with the working of the software and the support provided to us by their engineers. Based on our experience with KKINET SOLUTIONS we would enthusiastically recommend this software application and their company to others for similar kind of software.

It's a pleasure to work with a firm which not only understands and accommodates customer requests, but also add value through innovation. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Kusum Deep, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mathematics
M/s KKINET Solutions is designing our website for International Conference on Soft Computing and Problem Solving 2011.

We are impressed with the quick response, with all the up minute change that we so often requested and the professional approach of the company.

We are extremely satisfied with our website and we are sure that we can always count on KKINET Solutions for doing similar works in future.

Keep up the good work.
Prof. Ashwani Kumar, Head DEQ
Excellent Job done
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